Breakaway Fundraising


  • Get the required permission from your community to conduct door to door sales or from local stores to allow sales at their location.
  • Check with other organizations when they might be conducting a fundraising campaign. Build trust and confidence in your community.
  • Advertise your campaign on notice boards, banners and community newsletters. Put out lawn signs at the entrances to the communities advertising your campaign.
  • Train your girl and boy fundraisers and be sure to have them wear their team jerseys.
  • Set sales goals for each fundraiser. Be sure the goals are achievable ex: four or six games per fundraiser. Give rewards for the top fundraisers.
  • Let your purchasers know the benefits of buying your game – ex: how minor hockey benefits the community, the game is fun to play and makes a great gift for any occasion, great stocking-stuffer, etc.
  • Do not go inside the home, don't spend too much time at the door and don't push too hard for the sale.

A Breakaway door to door sales campaign may become a major fundraising tool but sales of the game can also be a part of other year round fundraising events such as tournaments, craft fairs and Christmas markets.

Please remember during these challenging times that even as we slowly come back to normal it is still important to respect and practise physical distancing protocols. During your fundraising campaigns wear your protective face masks and step back from the door after ringing the bell.